Former Members

Prof. Dr. Julia Arlinghaus (née Bendul)
University of Magdeburg, Chair of Production Systems and Automation
Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF)-
Former: RWTH Aachen, Professorship for the Management of Industry 4.0
Former: Jacobs University Bremen, Optimization of Networks in Production and Logistics& RWTH Aachen
LogDynamics member 2014-2017
Prof. Dr. Till Becker
University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer
Business Informatics
Former: Head of the cooperative research group "Production Systems and Logistic Systems" at the Department of Production Engineering
LogDynamics member 2014-2018

Prof. Dr. Tobias Buer
German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)
Dept. of Logistics, Tourism and Serivce Management
Former: Director of the research group on "Computational Logistics" at the University of Bremen
LogDynamics member 2014-2018
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busse
University of Bremen, Professorship of Near Net Shape Technology
Frauenhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM)-
LogDynamics member 2004–2017
Prof. Dr. Carmelita Görg†
University of Bremen, Working group Communication Networks
LogDynamics member 1995-2016
Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann
Former: Jacobs University Bremen, Professorship for Systems Management
LogDynamics member 2003-2019

Prof. em. Dr. Herbert Kopfer
Former: University of Bremen, Professorship for Logistics
LogDynamics member 1995-2018
Prof. Dr. Herbert Kotzab
University of North Florida, Crowley Center for Transportation and Logistics
Former: University of Bremen, General Business Administration and Logistics Management
LogDynamics member 2011-2023
Preof. Hans-Jörg Kreowski
Former:University of Bremen, Theoretical Computer Science
LogDynamics member 1995-2023
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pannek
TU Brunswick, Institute for Intermodal Transport and Logistics Systems
Former: University of Bremen,
LogDynamics member 2014-2019
Prof. Dr. Jens Pöppelbuß
Ruhr-University of Bochum
Chair of Industrial Sales and Service Engineering
Former: University of Bremen, Research Group Industrial Services
LogDynamics member 2015-2017
Prof. Dr.-Ing Berns Scholz-Reiter
Former: University of Bremen and BIBA
LogDynamics member 2021-2022
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt
SMS Group
Former: Jacobs University Bremen, Global Production Logistics
Former: University of Bremen and BIBA
LogDynamics member 2004-2018