International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC 2018)

20th - 22nd of Februar 2018, Universität Bremen
The sixth event of the LogDynamics conference series will be held at the University of Bremen from 20th to 22nd of February 2018. The conference addresses scientists in logistics, operations research, production engineering, and computer science and aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in dynamics in logistics. The LDIC provides a platform for discussion of advances in the areas of dynamical aspects of logistic processes and networks. The spectrum of topics reaches from modeling, planning and control of processes over supply chain management and maritime logistics to innovative technologies and robotic applications for cyber-physical production and logistic systems.
The registration for the conference is now open.

4th International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence (SysInt 2018) Intelligent, flexible and connected systems in products and production

19th - 20th of June 2018, Hannover
The International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence, which is co-organized by LogDynamics for the fourth time already, provides a forum for academia and industry to disseminate their latest innovations and practices. The focus is set on integration of new, intelligent functionalities into materials, components, systems and products to enable future technologies with enhanced capabilities. The participants have the opportunity to benefit from impulses on various topics concerning the future of machines, products and manufacturing as well as get an insight into cutting-edge machine tool technology through an experimental shop floor tour. Complemented by a dinner, the conference will provide abundant opportunities for vibrant discussions and networking.
The call for papers is now published. The deadline for submitting abstracts is the December 15, 2017.

Best Paper Award at PRO-VE 2017 for the IGS and BIBA

Morice Daudi, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge and Klaus-Dieter Thoben received the best paper award for their paper on' Influence of Information Sharing Behavior on Trust in Collaborative Logistics'.
The paper was presented at the PRO-VE 2017 - 18th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises. University of Bremen and BIBA have long been contributing to this research field through several research projects as well as PhD thesis. Morice Daudi, the PhD candidate at the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics (IGS) presented key parts of his PhD research on trust in collaborative logistics, whose main goal is to encourage and support the sharing resources in logistics. The main contribution in the article is an establishment about how information sharing behaviors of collaborating partners influence trust and trusting outcomes. To achieve this, at first hand, the article establishes a framework that integrates core concepts such as information behavior, information-seeking behavior, partner behavior, collaboration on shared resources in logistics, and trust. This framework guides a trust model, which in turn, accepts a hybrid of certain and uncertain information to manipulate logistics performance metrics, and subsequently evaluate trust. Afterwards, validity of data, concept, and operation is ensured prior to carrying out simulation experiments in multi-agent systems.
The PRO-VE conferences address topics related to collaborative networks and collaborative organization forms like Virtual Organizations, Virtual Enterprises and other forms of Enterprise Networks, Professional Virtual Communities, or industry clusters and business ecosystems are now supported by large research and business practice communities. The authors felt honored for receiving the prize and emphasised the importance of the IGS' training which contributed to the excellent quality of the paper.

Experience Digitization in Production and Logistics First Hand - Implementation in Practice Follows

Whether a factory in which intelligent components independently control the production process or a flexible, omnidirectional conveying system - the visitors to the event at the BIBA - Bremer Institute for Production and Logistics were able to admire this and much more. Digitization is a cutting-edge topic, both in research and in practice. At this interface, the event started. The technologies necessary for digital change are usually researched and ready to be implemented. Thus the interest of the economy was correspondingly great. About 95 trade visitors have been informed about the innovative solutions for digital production and logistics and have made a consistently positive assessment. The guests praised the interesting program, the good framework for further discussions and networking as well as the unique opportunity to experience innovations in their research environment at first hand. Now some discussions are bilaterally pursued and deepened. They have the potential to contribute to the implementation of the digitization approaches in companies in Bremen and the surrounding area.
The event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) for Bremen and Bremerhaven as part of its series "Industry meets Science" in cooperation with the BIBA and the Research Cluster LogDynamics of the University of Bremen.

Industry 4.0 – How do logistic objects become intelligent? – LogDynamics at the Open Campus of the University of Bremen.

The topic of industry 4.0 awakens lots of people's interest, from young students to pensioners. Accordingly the groups visiting BIBA were big and diverse. In cooperation with the research cluster LogDynamics, the BIBA invited the public to pursue the question: "How do logistic objects become intelligent?". LogDynamics Lab CEO Dr.-Ing. Marco Lewandowski reported from the newest researches and showed at different stations, what is already possible, and what will be possible in the near future. He answered many questions about the new technologies, but also about BIBA and LogDynamics. Apart from that, many guests used the opportunity to inform themselves about study in the faculty of Production engineering - Mechanical engineering and process engineering at the University of Bremen. Some students and parents came especially for that reason.