The fundamental idea is to make use of the synergy effects that result when coordinating the specific problem-solving competences of the concerned partners during work on logistic issues. Such an interdisciplinary exploration of topics and issues that were formerly studied within a single discipline results in valuable progress when finding logistic solutions.
Focal point of the research projects is the reference to industrial practice, which is why the Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics wishes to increase the readiness and possibilities for cooperation between science and industry and promote small and middle-sized enterprises’ access to science. The consequential dialogue will broaden the mutual understanding of the different aspects of problems and solutions in logistics.
Paramount goal of the Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics is to strengthen the field of logistics on the part of Bremen’s university and research institutes and take over an active and dialogue-oriented role in the competence network. Focus is placed on ensuring fundamental research, continuing applied scientific logistics and training young scientists.
Logistics is a global domain therefore the establishment of international networks and sustainable cooperation are of great importance, both in economy and in science. Thus, internationalization is a declared objective of the cluster. In framework of research and development projects LogDynamics cooperates with many institutions worldwide contributing to the internationalization strategy of the University of Bremen.