25th Birthday

2021 was an anniversary year: The University of Bremen celebrated its 50th anniversary, 55 years ago the first container was introduced by the Bremen Ports and the Bremen Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics (LogDynamics) has been successfully conducting logistics research in Bremen for 25 years. The interdisciplinary cooperation within the university as well as with external partners, such as the institutes BIBA, ISL and Jacobs University Bremen, has become an integral part of the research and transfer landscape in the federal state of Bremen and is appreciated by business and science both nationally and internationally. In this context, the success of the structured doctoral training in the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics (IGS) should also be emphasized, which can be proud of 50 PhD alumni from 24 countries in the 15 years of its existence.
We celebrated the anniversary of LogDynamics with multiple activities.

Lecture series "Dynamics in Logistics - 25 Years of Logistics Research in Bremen"

In the lecture series "Dynamics in Logistics - 25 Years of Logistics Research in Bremen" seven LogDynamics scientists presented their research activities. On the first Wednesday of each month, around 90 participants learned about various aspects of logistics research at the University of Bremen. The topics ranged from container logistics and digitalization to sustainability issues.

Digital events at the OPEN CAMPUS at the University of Bremen

The first digital OPEN CAMPUS of the University of Bremen attracted many visitors in June. LogDynamics was involved with two online events: the international exchange "Who wants to become a PhD in logistics? Who already is?" as well as the virtual tour in the BIBA Shop Floor Lab and in the LogDynamics Lab with the motto "Logistics and Industry 4.0 - Product Meets Process, Digital Meets Real".

"Logistics of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" event as part of CAMPUS CITY

In the second half of October, the University of Bremen presented itself on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in the city of Bremen. LogDynamics was also present on October 21 and offered four lectures around logistics with the event " Logistics of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - From the First Container to the Digital Transformation". The topics ranged from the history, present and future of container and port logistics to digitalization and the internationalization of logistics education.

Book “Dynamics in Logistics - Twenty-Five Years of Interdisciplinary Logistics Research in Bremen, Germany”

25 years of interdisciplinary and cooperative research were reason for LogDynamics to publish an open access book with contributions from colleagues who are or were members of LogDynamics. The collection highlights different aspects of intrinsically interdisciplinary logistics research. The empirical, methodological and practice-oriented contributions deal with the modeling, planning, optimization and control of logistics processes. With the application areas of supply chains, logistics networks, production as well as material flow systems, the respective contributions combine research work from classical supply chain management, digitalized business processes, production engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and mathematical optimization.