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A Framework for Knowledge representation in an on-line Knowledge Base


  • Westerheim, H.
  • Moseng, T.-K.
  • Baalsrud Hauge, J.

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  • Year: 2012, Reviewed
  • Conference: Society for Design and Process Science (SDPS) 2012 in Berlin, Germany (June 10-14, 2012)

Arbeitsgruppe BIBA


The logistics and freight transport sector are facing harder internal competition and a continuously changing environment. This has lead to new requirements on the effectiveness and efficiency. At the same time the governmental and citizen’s awareness of the negative impact that freight transport can have on both the environment and societal issues has increased. Hence, companies operating in the logistics and transport sectors do also need to take environmental and societal sustainability of freight transport into account in order to stay competitive and attractive. ICT can contribute to overcome some of the challenges the sector faces. However, currently it is difficult for the logistics and transport companies to identify relevant solutions involving ICT. Consequently, there is a need for a framework that makes it easier for the companies to compare solutions in order to identify the ones that fulfill the companies’ needs and requirement. This paper presents a framework that categorizes collected knowledge on goodpractices, identified from different research and development projects, and presents it in an online knowledge base. The framework makes the knowledge base available across different user groups to enable a more sustainable sector.

Westerheim, H.; Moseng, T.-K.; Baalsrud Hauge, J.
A Framework for Knowledge representation in an on-line Knowledge Base
(Workgroup: BIBA)
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