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An approach to monitoring quality in manufacturing using supervised machine learning on product state data


  • Wuest, T.
  • Irgens, C.
  • Thoben, K.-D.

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  • Year: 2014, Reviewed
  • In: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Publisher: Springer US
  • Volume 25, Issue 5
  • Pages: 1167-1180
  • ISSN: 0956-5515
  • DOI: 10.1007/s10845-013-0761-y

Arbeitsgruppe BIBA


Increasing market demand towards higher product and process quality and efficiency forces companies to think of new and innovative ways to optimize their production. In the area of high-tech manufacturing products, even slight variations of the product state during production can lead to costly and time-consuming rework or even scrapage. Describing an individual product’s state along the entire manufacturing programme, including all relevant information involved for utilization, e.g., in-process adjustments of process parameters, can be one way to meet the quality requirements and stay competitive. Ideally, the gathered information can be directly analyzed and in case of an identified critical trend or event, adequate action, such as an alarm, can be triggered. Traditional methods based on modelling of cause-effect relations reaches its limits due to the fast increasing complexity and high-dimensionality of modern manufacturing programmes. There is a need for new approaches that are able to cope with this complexity and high-dimensionality which, at the same time, are able to generate applicable results with reasonable effort. Within this paper, the possibility to generate such a system by applying a combination of Cluster Analysis and Supervised Machine Learning on product state data along the manufacturing programme will be presented. After elaborating on the different key aspects of the approach, the applicability on the identified problem in industrial environment will be discussed briefly.

Wuest, T.; Irgens, C.; Thoben, K.-D.
An approach to monitoring quality in manufacturing using supervised machine learning on product state data
In: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 25(2014)5, Springer US, pp. 1167-1180
(Workgroup: BIBA)
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